A single source for executive search, plus crisis and growth management

Thomas O. Bayer is not only an impassioned professional when it comes to the international direct search for senior and top executives; he has also masterfully demonstrated his acumen in recruiting those indispensable yet not easy to find “upper-middle managers” who are so crucial to the success of restructurings and turnarounds – in other words, the people who ultimately help companies to get back on the right track and grow sustainably. Hence the name of his firm, BAYERplus CONSULTING. Steeped in Swiss tradition and headquartered in the City of Zurich, Bayer knows that the toughest tasks can only be accomplished by the best.
Bayer has been in this challenging global field of activity for 35 years, be it on behalf of global trading companies in Asia, as the right hand of Executive Board Members of a major bank, or at the behest of Swiss and domestic enterprises in Africa, where he gained the trust of South African business leaders, government ministers, and even Nelson Mandela himself.
Numerous other institutions on the European continent count on his network and support. Despite his strong affiliation with Vienna and South-Eastern Europe, Thomas O. Bayer maintains his deep association with Zurich.
To deal appropriately with emergencies and crises, companies need to be prepared well in advance. What used to be called crisis management has now become part of the daily watch for corporate executives. When rapid response is called for, the companies with the best chances are usually those that already have “boots on the ground”. And here, personnel policies are the decisive factor. Right at the outset, top management needs a thorough assessment of the situation before any remedial steps are taken. Therefore, BAYERplus CONSULTING brings the right executives to the right place and has the software necessary to identify and resolve crises in short order. And with that, we lend new momentum to the client company.